NetSecL is a hardened,live and installable OS based on OpenSuse suitable for Desktop/Server and Penetration testing. Once installed you can fully enjoy the features of GrSecurity hardened kernel and penetration tools OR use the penetration tools directly from your live DVD. GrSecurity is a great security enhancement that you can enjoy with NetSecL and have a normally functional OS together with the NetSecL Firewall and Penetration tools you are always ready and know at what level your security is.

Download the latest version: NetSecL 5.0 released      Release Date: 2013-11-26

Welcome to the official site of NetSecL OS

The project started as a Linux distribution spread among friends and soon enough was spread in Internet by the name of ISlack. The focus of the Linux distribution was on security. Initially only configuration was hardened later on GrSecurity began playing a big role in the Linux distribution. The distribution used tgz (Slackware Linux) Packages, the current version of NetSecL Linux uses rpm package management and is based on OpenSuse. Penetration testing became also one of the focuses of the Linux distribution - the distribution includes well know application as Metasploit, Wireshark, Etherape, OpenVas, Nmap as well as many console applications for penetration testing.