NetSecL 3.2 Released!

NetSecL 3.2 comes with a brand new LXDE which increased dramatically the performance experience, we closed many bugs and also gained more compatibility to OpenSuse 11.4 – most packages are 11.4 compatible.

GrSecurity kernel is updated to please check installation instructions if you wish to use GrSecurity. And here is the work we have done - Read more here: http://www.forum.netsecl.com/topic/41/netsecl-32-released/

Eye-candy :) : http://rsync.netsecl.com/NetSecL_release.pdf
Installation instructions: http://rsync.netsecl.com/netsecl_3.2.pdf
VM files to install NetSecL in VM: http://rsync.netsecl.com/netsecl_3.2_VM.zip
All mirrors are up to date